If men had periods…

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 13.21.49


Remember this is something none of us can help, these period things.  Sure you can take the pill or have the coil fitted or have a hysterectomy – but the side-effects of any ‘treatments’ can often counteract the point of having them in the first place.  Plus, if we looked deeply enough at it sociologically I think we’d soon realise that the point of any medical intervention is to pretty much hide the fact periods are even happening.  Always makes for such great self-esteem and healthy bodies, concealment.

I’m not having a go at men, I’m both a masculinist and philogynist after all, but we have to admit our society works better for one gender than the other on many levels, full-time work being one of them.  Equality is not about us all being exactly the same, it’s about fairness.  And if men had periods you could bet your pound sterling there’d be period rooms to rest in at work, office hot water bottles, medical staff on call and definitely period leave.

I don’t care how logistically difficult it might be, make work fit the people not the other way round.  Maybe if this was the norm I’d still be working full-time, along with many other women eh.

And, just for fun, this video.  Gas and air!  If you have or know anyone who has endometriosis or fibroids or any other womb/period issues remember this pain is often multiplied by about 100…



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