Thank You, Walk Tallers

I walked away from the doctor’s last week after a conversation about why I don’t want any more medical treatment – and she actually listened.  Like, I-nearly-fell-over properly listened and said that medication and intervention are not the only ways forward.  That being happy is the best start for a healthy body.  Yes, Doc. YOU GET ME.  You get it.

Now it wasn’t necessarily what she said but how she listened, genuinely and with thought, and made me feel like a human being rather than a conveyor belt robot or a slab of meat.

So, my walking: I trotted home feeling as though someone had pumped me full of helium, but in that helium was positivity and bloody joy; I felt like those balloons off of Up. And it occurred to me how precious it is to walk away from people feeling uplifted and better than before you saw them.  When you skip away with chin in the air, meeting the world eye to eye, smiling that secret smile, not loping head down as though through a storm.  As though the sun is out just for you.

This is for all my walk tallers, those radiators I’ve met and continue to meet (who I choose to stand next to and get warm, skipping away from the drains), the chin to the sky chatters, the ones who make me feel better just for having spoken to or known them.  You’re special.  I hope I can return the favour, you beauts.

Cheesy but true dat

Cheesy but true dat


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