Day 27: What have been the two most surprising things you have experienced this month?

1. Belinda. A friend from a difficult but incredibly joyfully sociable time of my life.  She left the shores of our earth 3 weeks ago and it came as a massive shock, as she was just 41 years old. Her story is not mine to tell or garner sympathy for, it is just important to share and value her life. Her fiancé Max is a fantastically generous and wonderful guy and I am so grateful I got to share even a slice of their lovely life together. 

At Belinda’s funeral there was such a feeling of unjustness, of a life far too shortlived. The eulogies were heartbreaking. The surprising part? Not once was her career, job or any extrinsic possessions mentioned. All the things many of us aim for and obsess over in life. It was all about her Max, her family and her friends. That is, after all, the only thing we truly leave behind – how we’ve made other people feel. Thank you for being you, Lady Bel.

2. I can run. Like with me legs moving faster than a trot. Now this may seem trite after the above, however, I haven’t ever really been able to run thanks to my asthma and creaky lungs at school (probs due largely to dairy intake, hindsight you wonderful scoundrel) and, since school, the endometriosisy stomach entanglement resulting in bleeding from She Who Must Not Be Named and almost fainting/vomming approx 37 seconds into a light jog.

Since the removal of Krang from my innards (Google him if you ne comprends pas), my endometriosis symptoms have gradually decreased and I now feel I have this air and space in the ol pelvic arena that doesn’t quite know what to do with itself. My narrative of endo pain has largely been vanquished (huzzah!), surgical pain is gradually dissipating and I am working my absolute arse out of a crippling period of depression. So now, young peritoneal cavity, I cordially invite you to short bursts of interval running at times convenient to moi.

Fluorescent pink Nikes: tick. Sunny weather: double tick. Positive attitude: school ticking me off but almost a full tick for PMA. 

I’ve been jogging about every other day for 4 weeks now and I cannot tell you what an achievement this feels like. I can run for bursts of about 5 minutes at a time and I will keep getting better; London marathon see you in 23 years’ time. It’s ridick but I feel like I’m flying or like I’m Marty McFly on his hoverboard. Also, my period has started without any pain or yuck bad bleeding which I know is down to getting out and about and up and around. Hallelujah, tis a miracle! Thank you, world (and Mr Trehan).



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