Day 25: What did you consume on Monday?

Brek: 2 boiled organic eggs, 3 organic rice cakes, organic spinach and tomatoes

  My niece’s Egg Sheeran for Easter. Making breakfast sing.

Supplements (all Biocare): adult multivitamin, bio magnesium, slippery elm, vit C, efamarine x 2 (as recommended by the wunderbar Dian Shepperson Mills)

Snack: Banana, organic camomile tea

Lunch: Tuna in brine on gf genius toast with manchego (sheep’s) cheese lasciviously melted on top, organic spinach and carrots, mixed nuts, packet of ready salted crisps 

Afternoon snack: homemade hot chocolate made with coconut milk and 7 x Willie’s dark chocolate dairy-free cacao drops 

Tablespoon of cold-pressed  sesame oil

Dinner: Organic salmon, courgette and red pepper with sweet potato mash. Homemade guacamole: avocado, tomato, lemon, sea salt & pepper. Glass of red vino

Supplements: Slippery elm, bio magnesium, zinc, bio acidophilus, efamarine x 2

Plus lots of filtered water

Obvs not a school day, can’t exactly cook up a luxurious hot choc on a portable hob as I’m teaching Of Mice and Men. Unfortunately.

Yeah looking at that I’ve realised I eat more than a decent amount but also that I should be feeling much better than I do given how carefully I choose my food. The endometriosis pain has gone (huzzah!) though the knockout exhaustion is back (*kissingmyteethindisdain*). Back to the doc…


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