Day 19: What are your dream jobs?

A writer.  I want to write escapist books that I used to read as a child or young adult fiction, you know The Faraway Tree, Patrick Ness-esque  etc, and also adult fiction.  I visualise my writing room in my mind and I go there when work becomes overwhelming.  It will become a reality, mark my words.

I’ve always wanted to run a convalescent home, like the olden days, by the sea, to help clear minds and souls. When we recover from illness, mental or physical, the reality of returning back to work or a full-on life before fully recovering is preposterous and, I believe, life shortening.  More space for calm and rest and fresh air, that’s what we need.

I’d like to volunteer in a hospice too and gain a qualification in NLP, perhaps return to counselling.

For my grandad, much missed

For my grandad, much missed

(ps this writing challenge has been just that lately, hence the break, felt a bit unhappy and now coming out of hibernation)


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