Day 18: Write 30 facts about yourself

1. I have a beautiful, wickedly talented identical twin. 

2. I was born in London at Whipps Cross Hospital. Real proud of my Cockneyness.

3. Carrie was my name on my baby bracelet. Until dad cannily remembered our brother is called Garry. Yeah great rhyme that would have been.
4. I went to grammar school. I don’t believe in grammar schools.
5. I was indoctrinated to be Tory but teaching has made me a true socialist.
6. I have 2 counselling qualifications.
7. I am left-handed but was forced to write with my right-hand at primary school. If I’m a witch so be it.
8. I have the bendiest thumbs you’ve ever seen. Unless you’ve met my sister. 
9. Water is my favourite drink.
10. I wore braces for over 5 hellish years. Oh how I sympathise with my students when they have orthodontist appts.
11. My favourite Mr Man and Little Miss was Mr Bump and Little Miss Trouble. Foreshadowing my life, clearly.
12. I’m gluten- and dairy-free. Obvs.

13. I’ve ziplined through the Costa Rican rainforest.
14. I have a white streak in my hair that runs in my family. 
15. I went to uni in Durham and my other half still wears my Welfare Officer t-shirt. With my first name on. Love the confidence.
16. I could get married at St Paul’s Cathedral as my mum has an MBE. Not gonna happen, but still a lovely thought.
17. I’m a descendant of Anne Boleyn’s sister. 
18. Thanks to family tree research and ancestors, any of our descendants are entitled to a grant for academic books thanks to the Alderman Norman foundation.
19. I have a clean driving licence. Though no car right now. Probably why the licence is clean.
20. When I see a robin I believe it’s people in my life that have died coming back to say hello.
21. I have had reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy. You know what, it all bloody works. 
22. My blood type is A+.
23. Speaking of which, the lowest I’ve got is one B grade in my lifetime of exams. 
24. I can juggle. After hours of practising during our mundane childhood.
25. I was on T4 on TV when I was at uni. Vernon Kay was a lascivious twat. Flirty John Inverdale at the Sportsmans’ Ball and Jason McAteer & Marcus Stewart at Klute were far pleasanter experiences. Yeah that’s how cool I am.
26. I salivate at the smell of salt and vinegar. Pavlov was ‘ere.
27. My teddy bear was my sister’s. We had identical ones but a painter above the shop mum had left us outside of when we were about 2 dropped a can of red lead paint all over us. 1 teddy survived. I was so distraught I got him. Sorry, sis.
28. I sleep on my back, side and front. I am unable to get to sleep until I’ve been on all 3 twice at least. Strange.
29. I bloody love swearing.
30. My birthday is the 10th day of the 10th month. My first niece’s is the 5th day of the 5th month, said to my sister she’s our half-pint. She also has my name as her middle name so she knows I’m always looking after her.


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