Day 15: Bullet point your day

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day

  • Wake up post-Night Nurse feeling coldy and fluey, watch Phil tidy up a bit (I didn’t faint) before he pops off for golf.
  • Cry a bit because of my job. So much work, so many students to do my best for yet so much time taken up by meaningless data and admin tasks. Sadsadface.
  • Get up, make breakfast, drink Lemsip. Meaty, gluten-free sausage sandwich yeah boi.
  • Put washing on.
  • Plan one of tomorrow’s lessons.
  • Check NYC flights for July for something to look forward to, double check hotel booking made spontaneously whilst out in London yesterday. Happyface.
  • Tidy kitchen, rearrange worktop, empty dishwasher, make bed.
  • Plan another lesson.
  • Research spa for Easter as need something pamper-ish to look forward to (seeing a pattern here…?).
  • Re-order supplements online.
  • Completed next week’s online shop.
  • Start writing International Women’s Day poem.
  • Whatsapp Team Dream re Easter get together at Bubbledogs.
  • Complete brain training app, thanks Lumosity.
  • Put washing out on radiators. Takes longer than you think. FFS.  On goes the next load.
  • Update work planner for the coming week.
  • Make homemade hot choklit with Rude Health coconut drink + Willie’s cocoa buttons.
  • Watch a sneaky bit of ‘Brothers & Sisters’, despite promising him indoors not to.
  • Whatsapp Ingvild, fellow endo champion, feeling all excited about her upcoming London trip.
  • Go and grab new recycling bags from upstairs cupboard in the apartment block. Livin the dream.
  • Check work emails, get a bit depressed about all the overwhelming work.
  • Turn on Lumie SAD light. Mark 2 pieces of year 11 coursework and treasury tag dem gits = 30 mins.
  • Update my secret letter.
  • Half-watch ‘Suffragettes Forever!’ programme on iPlayer.
  • Lay down due to pain in my side.
  • Give Pizza Hut feedback for most excellent pizza delivery on Friday with year 13s at school. Priorities and all that.
  • More Lemsip.
  • Update lessons for tomorrow.
  • Cook mince and carrots for homemade shepherd’s pie.
  • Email Durham girls re NYC July/August celebrations.
  • Mark 2 more pieces of coursework = 20 mins.
  • Whatsapp Lozza re Easter hols.
  • Mark 2 more pieces of coursework = 15 mins.
  • Peel and cook potatoes.
  • Mark 2 more pieces of coursework = 20 mins.
  • Research flights for NYC, try to sort out previous air miles, can’t remember any frickin usernames and passwords, get stressed out.
  • Cobble together shepherd’s pie, put in oven.
  • Mark 2 more pieces of coursework = 20 mins.
  • Whatsapp sister re niece’s eggscellent ‘Egg Sheeran’ homemade easter egg.
  • Phil comes home.
  • Eat dinner and watch TV for ½ hour.
  • Mark 2 more pieces of coursework = 30 mins.
  • Tidy paperwork, pack bags for work tomorrow.
  • Draft letter and pop bits in the post.
  • Mark 2 more bits of coursework.  Giving up the will to live.
  • Write this blog post.
  • More Lemsip.
  • Look back at this post and wonder what the fuck am I doing with my life, because there are some spaces there to have fun and instead I am plugged into a laptop and marking like a twat.
  • Write a condolence card.  Grief stabs in the chest.
  • Please, be bedtime and happy sleep time.

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