Day 12: Write about 5 blessings in your life

1. The children in my life I hope I am a fun, if not slightly crazy, role model to: nieces, nephews, students.

2. Being a twin. Without my sister I am not whole, she inspires me, supports me and frickin beats me at Monopoly, teaching me the true meaning of patience and anger management.

3. Phil. The ruddy heart melter. Today I stood mundanely making my lunch and had this epiphany that I no longer have a life that revolves around painkillers and agony. Woah. I couldn’t have got here without my PI.

4. My network of strong female allies who have been there in dire and wonderful times, who pick up the phone, are excited to meet face to face and share their precious time: Lauren, Sidra, Nicola, Emily, Sarah, Steph, Bex, Karolina, Lucy, Elena, Kaf and Ingvild, to name but a few.

5. Realising that none of the ‘things’ I own have made this list, so my final blessing is understanding, before it is too late to make the most of it, that human connection is all that really matters. 


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