Day 1: List 10 things that make you happy

(I won’t be including people here, as much as some make me very happy)

1. Light, candles and nature.  I need decent day light every day to lift my mood and to see greenery – proper English grass green.  It’s important that wherever I live I can see the sky or trees from my bedroom window and if I don’t find time to look up to the sky daily and put things into perspective I feel much worse for it.  I’ve bought a SAD light box and candles which helps during our dark evenings. Glorious luminescent beasts.

2. Laughing until I feel sick.  Something I find difficult about adulthood is the diminishment in the appreciation of daily laughter: the one that hurts your stomach, makes you snort and hoot uncontrollably and leaves you with an aching mandible and deep laughter lines.  By myself, with one person, with a group it just don’t matter – give me a laugh and I’m your friend for life.  Hint: try sarcasm.

3. Having something to look forward to.  There’s a lot to be said for spontaneity and being-in-the-present mindfulness, but having a weekend planned or a holiday or a decision that might be difficult but will lead to better things is extremely important to me.

4. Londontown.  Yes, it’s smoggy, grey and the people can seem miserable, but when I’m there I feel this passion I can’t describe.  The history, the architecture, the museums, the bridges, the restaurants, the graffiti, the lampposts.  It does something magical to my insides.  Long live Londinium.

5.  Being useful. This comes from being a little rescuer, I know it does, I’ve been psychoanalysed oh yes.  I want to be a part of things and I want to feel like I’m doing something valuable.  So shoot me. I’ll probably help you find the trigger, you know, to feel useful. 

6.  Reading. OF COURSE!  If I don’t read I feel like part of me is missing.  Again, it comes from being small, being able to escape into a different world through this incredible weaving of words bound together by a deep understanding of the human need for connection. Heaven.

7. Writing.  Anything.  I’ve always doubted my poetic abilities but now I’m a teacher I realise most of it is meant to be off the wall incomprehensible so mine isn’t that bad either.  Blogging gives me a great opportunity to splurge some ideas.  I will write novels. I WILL.

8. Eating gluten-free.  Because this has given me back my health.  And I love eating.  Simple.

9. Sending and receiving cards and little gifts.  Fills me with joyful feelings, particularly when it’s unexpected.

10. Cuddles.  Didn’t have many growing up, now I can’t get enough.  I’m baffled by the awkward half-hug, the fake air kissery, the patronising arm clap.  HUG ME PEOPLE!

Hugs all round

Hugs all round


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