Healing Hand

Help yourself

Help yourself

It’s been 5 weeks since the burning hell of soupgate.  To say it’s been torturous, well, that just wouldn’t do it justice.

But the power of genetics, nutrition, resting and elevating have worked a treat.  The burns unit nurse said healing is largely genetic, but eating 10 of your 5 a day, powering up on the Vitamin C, zinc, protein and vitamin D may just accelerate the amelioration of a sorry sore hand.

Plus this gem of a miracle healing gel that you can’t get on the NHS (too expensive naturally – even if it is an unbelievable curative).  What helps more is when you have a friend who happens to know someone in the pharmaceutical industry so you can get it on the downlow.

Kelo-cote miracle gel

Kelo-cote miracle gel

Wonder stuff.  I’m also using it on my recent laparoscopy scars and my 7 year old laparotomy scar – the improvement is incredible.

Fellow hand owners, this might seem a bit gruesome, but now we have the perspective of my current almost-normal looking hand the horror should hopefully shrink.

My Evolution of Hand:

Evolution of Hand

Evolution of Hand

Unbelievable, right?  Kissing it every night must have worked too.  Hey, I would have tried anything.


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