Starbucks wrap it up for lunch with their gluten-free, dairy-free Veggie Good houmous wrap

It is so utterly pleasant to be able to pick up a sandwich-type lunch when you’re out, just like anyone else can.  For so long being gluten-free has meant either salads (which are great, but by Jove do you just want SOMETHING that doesn’t require cutlery and you can scoff on the go) or ready salted crisps and water.

There are obviously many more options now, with the Costa chicken and basil salad wrap too, Caffe Nero chicken and pesto roll, waitrose gf egg roll etc etc which are relatively easy to pick up, primarily if you’re in London because there are so many coffee shops to choose from.

An extra difficulty comes in being dairy-free.  Waitrose use margarine that has milk in it, as does Caffe Nero.  It is hard to cater for so many dietary requirements, so I have to give extra kudos to Costa and Starbucks for addressing both – also to Starbucks for being veggie and Costa for being approved by Coeliac UK.

Veggie good?  Pretty good.

Veggie good? Pretty good.

The Veggie Good houmous wrap’s tastiness lies in the wrap for me – it’s doughy, feels substantial and the houmous and veg are safely held in there with no spillage.  The filling, for me, is contradictory, in that it isn’t that filling: there are few chargrilled vegetables and it feels a bit empty.  Saying that, the Moroccan style spiced chutney and lemon and coriander houmous have a delightfully fragrant flavour.

Overall it is great to have this lunch/snack option so I won’t complain too much.  I will definitely be having it again.


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