Laughter with friends is the best medicine. And codeine. Lots of codeine.

Feeling rubbish and need cheering up – that’s what friends are for.

My first week after my diagnostic laparoscopy has not been fun.  Pain can be all-consuming and it feels as though the world and summer is a painting: I can admire it from afar but I’m not really part of it.  Or perhaps that’s largely the codeine fog.

And now comes the joy of my period.  Yesterday was excruciating and I cried all day.  It feels so unfair and where can I put my anger?  It’s no one’s fault, most people are trying their best to understand and I just want the pain to go away.  I don’t like writing about it when I’m feeling low but I think it’s important – especially because after my next operation I hope to feel much better and I don’t want to forget just how bad the endometriosis has become.

So on Saturday, even though I had just about managed to walk about 250 metres to the postbox last week, I went to see my friends.  They looked after me, they made sure I had somewhere to sit because I can’t stand for long and we had a right laugh.  It’s lonely recuperating at home; even though I know I need the rest I feel guilty, like I should be doing more.  That led me on to thinking that the best way of getting better as quickly as possible is being around people that care and try to understand.

Thanks Lauren, Elena and Natalie.

Friends equal medicine


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