Have we got the gluten question wrong?

A great article, proving the US is far ahead of the UK…


Now, what I mean by getting the gluten question wrong: all this umm-ing and ah-ing over gluten-free eating being just a ‘fad’, that if you cut out gluten you’re annoying and a Gwyneth Paltrow-type tryhard is deeply offensive and looking at things from a very strange point of view.

The question I ask to Jimmy Kimmel and others judging from on high: Why are YOU asking ME why I eat gluten-free? You should be answering this question: WHAT ARE THE REASONS I SHOULD EAT GLUTEN?

Tell me the health benefits of gluten, the danger I’m doing to myself by cutting out such an integral part of the Western diet.

Oh, you can’t? Because there aren’t any? Because our bodies and digestive systems weren’t built to process glue? Yet countries make billions of pounds from it? Can’t see any correlation there, no, not one bit. Wakey wakey!


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