Holy guacamole

I seem to be having this every day at the mo, it just tastes too goddang good to not (inspired by wahaca guac which is just the best – and if you have an Aussie pal like I do who always demands more when the dish is only half full then you’re on to a winner – cheers Sarah Mc!).

Simplest of ingredients and ‘recipe’:

  • However much avocado you like, roughly mashed with the back of a fork (v culinary)
  • Half a tomato roughly chopped
  • V generous squeeze of lemon
  • Pinch of salt and pepper


I’ve had it on rice cakes, tortillas, any flavour crisps (LOVE CRISPS), with salmon, chicken, rice, any salad. Basically with anything other than dessert (only because I run out during the main course).

Not pretty but who cares. Enjoy!


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