Burger Meats Bun, Glasgow


Burger Meats Bun48A West Regent Street,Glasgow, G2 2RA  

twitter: @BurgerMeatsBun

Down some dark steps with forbidding railings down a forgotten side street there lies a gleaming gem of top quality grub, some might say the beefy treasure at the end of the Scottish burger rainbow.

It was difficult to find Burger Meats Bun, it being at basement level, but it was well worth the hunt.  I was desperate for a burger and chips combo after miles of trekking around Gleneagles the day before.  I did a mad google search for burgers in Glasgow and, lo and behold, we found a beaut!

They have gluten-free rolls and only a few menu options for all (think Honest Burger-esque).  I went for ‘The Smokin’ Bacon Beef’ which was the classic beef, with crispy bacon (no cheese for me), fried onions, lettuce, pickle and burger sauce.  I chanced the chips, which I was told were gluten-free but from past experience I’m usually extra cautious about, and my tum was fine afterwards.

It arrives at the table all wrapped up with chips in a pot (or on a platter if you go for the cheesy chips option as my other half did).  It felt a little diner-ish but there’s nowt wrong with that, the food was served quickly with efficient service and the jokey quotations/pictures on the wall add to the sense that the BMB crew think carefully about their relaxed yet cheeky ambience.  They work hard to source good meat from local farmers and there is a sense that this simple concept has been handled with care and passion.

My partner washed it all down with some Irn Bru.  Classic Scotsman beverage.  Thank you, Glasgow! 🙂

Isn't it ironic



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