Writing, success and endometriosis

“You really live on the verge of panic because you don’t know what’s going on inside you. And when the pain isn’t there, you know it’s waiting for you.  That’s why I became a writer.”

What a woman. Hilary Mantel is one of my role models; someone who lives with the severe pain of endometriosis alongside living a life she feels she succeeds in (click on her name for the Evening Standard story from 8th April).

This article particularly made me realise that I hide my endometriosis and pain in order to hold a full-time job and seem “normal” when all I need to do sometimes is lay down with a heat pad for 3 days and weep. Then when I get back on top of things I’m raring to go, impatient and usually end up overdoing it, returning to the pain cycle. And that’s ok. That’s my “normal”.

Did you know ‘abnormal’ means ‘above normal’? My brilliant counsellor told me that and I’ll never forget it.

A superb writer.


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