Yeah, being healthy and not in pain is a scam, Mr Telegraph


Aarrrrrrgggghhhh! Things like this drive me CRAZY.

Faddy. Unnecessary. Fussy. Extravagant.

I am, as I am sure you are, none of the above when it comes to eating. Gluten, wheat, dairy make me ill. I’m not a “oh I’ve ordered some chicken and it’s got breadcrumbs on it? Well, it’s just a one-off” kind of gal. It. Hurts. Me.

This is a life plan so I can work, play and, yes, live life. Largely free of pain, able to stand up straight, move, sometimes do a jig and be able to spend time in public without racing to the toilet every 10 minutes. Too much information? Tough. That’s the reality. I’m not interested in weight loss, what bloody Paltrow et al or doing or whether my cupboards look good (not a euphemism).

The fact gluten-free food is expensive is ridiculous and I hope it evens out because 3 quid for a loaf of bread is totally unnecessary; ultimately I care not about the monetary cost though, Mr Telegraph. The cost I do care about is the one to my health.

One has to wonder who has most to gain from denigrating the dietary requirement market. Vegetarians have had to fight their corner for years, a respected lifestyle choice, and not to pit one way of eating against another, but for many of us there is no choice when it comes to gluten or wheat or lactose. Where these go illness prevails. Cutting them out is the only option and having supermarket shelves rammed with the stuff makes me joyous.

Unfortunately mainstream gluten-free eating has coincided with the mindbogglingly foolish 5:2 diet and not too long after the fried halitosis hell of Atkins. Gluten-free is not a few days of abstinence interspersed with cupcake and KFC blowouts depending on our mood. Our self-discipline and willpower should be respected, nay, celebrated and revered! (ok, going a bit far there – but you get my point)

While it is great, as I have said, to have the stocked shelves and the option of biscuits, cakes and brioche should the craving arise, the way I eat has so much more to do with understanding where my food comes from, what I am putting into my body and how it makes me feel (ie pain-free).

Hey, Telegraph and Julia Llewellyn Smith: less suspicion, more support. Ta.



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