Not like mama used to make!


Tonight’s dinner: Quinoa bolognese with spinach & manchego toast

400g minced NZ lamb (can’t trust beef, not with the antibiotics they force-feed the cows)
1 Kallo organic vegetable stock cube
Tin of organic tomatoes
Olive juice
Red pepper
Cook it on the hob for at least 45 mins & stir regularly to ensure a rich flavour
Organic quinoa
Organic spinach
Genius bread

I find sheep’s cheese is fine for me, it’s cow’s milk that really makes me ill, and manchego is creamy and delicious.

A hearty meal to enjoy after a very hard day at work. 6 lessons in a row, barely a lunch break. Love the rascals really, it’s the adults that are the hard work. Feeling full of comfort food 🙂


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