Pizza Express – clearly not understanding what “no cheese” means

Pizza Express gluten-free

Pizza Express, Baker Street, London – plus many more UK locations


I’m not sure what’s occurring at the moment – waiting staff are just not understanding dietary requirements.  Not fads. Requirements so I don’t become ill.  Again, whilst I appreciate the range of gluten- and dairy-free options (in comparison to even a couple of years ago), there seems to be such a lack of understanding of what the word ‘free’ really means.

I want a pizza, going for the comfort again, to be one of the girls as we are being ladies what lunch during our half-term break.  I say “no cheese” on my pizza, thank you please.  Lo and behold it turns up and I am grateful there is no cooked cheese on the actual pizza.  HOWEVER, the dim waitress (sorry – I used to be a waitress so I feel like I can say that) thought it was then ok to sprinkle grana padana cheese on top as a – rather hefty – garnish.  Our dialogue:

“Errrm, I said no cheese”

“You said you didn’t want cheese on the pizza”

“Yes, yes you’re right, I did.  But there is cheese on the pizza”

“But you said cheese on the pizza, you didn’t say about the cheese on top”

“It’s still cheese, isn’t it?”

“You should have told me you couldn’t have cheese”

“I did.  I said “no cheese””

“I didn’t realise that was what you meant”


Head. Against. A. Brick. Wall.  What’s a gal to do?  I just want to eat in peace like everyone else.


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