Prezzo – not so good gluten-free

Prezzo, Northumberland Avenue, London (and tons of other UK locations)


Sooooooo, am I happy that a mainstream restaurant is providing gluten-free grub?  Absolutely!  Does that mean we should put up with second-rate food?  Absobloodylutely not.

Unfortunately some London restaurants are not as friendly as elsewhere in the country, and they tend to be busier.  Not all, but some.  However, I don’t expect to be told that something isn’t burnt when it is and to feel like crying because a waitress and the kitchen are arguing with me in front of everyone several times that their new batch of gluten-free pizza bases “are always served black around the edges”.

I dislike publicly drawing attention to my dietary needs and anyone making a big deal of it, just let me eat in frickin peace, please.  So I got on my gluten-free soapbox, complained and got a replacement risotto.  Now, I like risotto, but it’s not quite the same when you’ve been looking forward to pizza is it?  So I made a proper complaint and got a voucher and a promise for them to re-educate their serving staff and chefs on the subject of gluten-free, ie “gluten-free should look and taste normal too”.  Rocket science it is not.

Would you eat this?

How do you eat yours?  Burnt?  Me either.

How do you eat yours? Burnt? Me either.


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