If men had endometriosis…

Endometriosis research - Endo UK - why is progress so slow?

Endometriosis research – Endo UK – why is progress so slow?

Don’t get me wrong, I love men.  When I say I want equality I mean that truly, in the sense that ideally we all respect each other, not that women suddenly become masculine and covet power, money and superiority (not that all men are like this at all).  That’s what feminism means for me, to raise the status of women to an equal level, not a superior one.  I say this because the treatment of women with endometriosis can be so disrespectful, exacerbate the pain and it can feel so goddang unfair.

So from this point of view, a serious question (though with some humour because life ain’t anything without humour): if men had swollen testicles that caused so much pain they were unable to work for one week a month and it affected their ability to provide sperm for a healthy baby – would treatment still be so basic and invasive (ie surgery or hormones) and research so minimal?  And if their testicles were causing such inconvenience to the NHS/health system because they were needing regular treatment, would doctors suggest that men with this condition have their balls chopped off and, while they’re down there, why don’t they just slice off the penis too just in case that’s causing some of the problem?

Because I consider my ovaries and womb to be vital organs yet the majority of surgeons/consultants believe removing them is a solution. It. Is. Not.  More research, options and respect, please.  We deserve that.


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