Gluten-freedom (not original but entirely true)

I have been gluten- and cow’s milk-free for 5 years now and it is no exaggeration to say it has saved my life.

Without telling you my entire life story  (see ‘About Me’ for that gem) I have endometriosis and I had hit rock bottom; surgery hadn’t helped, my mental attitude was entirely negative and I hit deep depression.  One day I was trawling through websites and found one called that mentioned nutrition.  That find and subsequent meetings with Dian saved my sanity and helped me feel like I could do something to help myself.

I have no idea if I’m coeliac and I don’t want to eat gluten again to find out.  Wheat in particular is poison to my system.

Cheers to you with a cup of tea of your choice (redbush or camomile for me – no milk!)Image


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